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Most Reliable Roof Repair Company in Florida

A solid and trustworthy roof is essential for protecting residential and commercial buildings. At

Chontas Roofing and Construction, we recognize how crucial it is for your Florida home or

office to have a safe and weatherproof roof, which is why we offer you the best roof repair

services in Florida. With more than 25 years of devoted service, we have made a name for ourselves and are known as a roof repair specialist in Florida.

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When Should You Go For Roof Repair Services in Florida?

  • Leak Detection and Repair: If you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, it's a sign of a possible leak. Don't delay - contact us immediately to prevent further damage.

  • Storm Damage Restoration: After a severe storm, check for missing or damaged shingles, as well as signs of water infiltration. Timely repairs can prevent more extensive issues.

  • Tile and Shingle Replacement: If you observe cracked or broken tiles or shingles, it's crucial to hire roof repair services in Florida right away to get them repaired or replaced. Damaged roofing materials compromise the integrity of your roof.

  • Flat Roof Repairs: If you have a commercial property with a flat roof, any signs of ponding water or cracks should be addressed promptly to prevent structural issues.

  • Emergency Roof Repairs: Get in touch with us right away for emergency roof repairs if your roof has just sustained major damage, such as from a tree falling on it or a large hailstorm.

    Even if you haven't seen any obvious concerns, getting in touch with a roof repair company in Florida from time to time is still important for scheduling routine roof inspections and maintenance. This can identify possible issues before they become serious, saving you time and money in the long run.

Most Reliable Roof Repair Company in Florida

We have been serving our customers with top-notch roofing services in Florida for nearly 25

years. We are the largest residential and second-largest commercial roofing contractor in


What Can You Expect from Us?

  • Roof Cleaning with the Use of Modern Technology: We use cutting-edge roof cleaning methods that put safety and efficiency first. Our technology guarantees a thorough cleaning without endangering the structural integrity of your roof.

Apart from roof repair services in Florida, you can also expect roof replacement services from us. Our skilled staff specializes in precise roof replacement procedures, which involve the painstaking removal of obsolete, damaged, or old roofs, followed by the flawless installation of premium components.

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We are more than simply a roofing company in Florida; we are dedicated to having a good

influence on the areas in which we operate. We feel immense pleasure in helping Florida people by supporting non-profit organizations and providing free roof replacements for families in need.

For roof repair services in Florida, reach out to us at 407-574-5311 and get your roofs repaired by roof repairers who are skilled and the best in the business.


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